EAT EM' TO BEAT EM' and Nutrition Information Schematic

Lionfish provide a mild, white, flaky fillet that tastes similar to hogfish, snapper, and rockfish. The spines can be removed quickly and easily with a pair of scissors, after which the lionfish is perfectly safe to handle. Remember, while the spines can deliver a painful sting, similar to several bee stings, there is no venom in the flesh.

Lionfish Recipes:

Lionfish Chowder - by Chris Malpas, CEC, Executive Chef, Butterfield
Lionfish & Shrimp Ceviche - by Chris Malpas, CEC, Executive Chef, Butterfield
Lionfish Beurre Blanc - by Chef Paul Lawrence, The Hickory Stick
Lionfish Chowder - by Chef Paul Lawrence, The Hickory Stick

Ask for these fish at your local restaurants and supermarkets!

Did you know?

Lionfish have very low amounts of heavy metals and other pollutants, but very high concentrations of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. The levels in this fillet are even higher than some species of snapper, grouper and blue fin tuna. They are relatively low in saturated fatty acids. Not only is it good for the environment when you eat one, but it’s good for you too!

Tell your Friends and Family about the Lionfish in Bermuda

The best ways to have everyone in Bermuda understand the lionfish problem is for you to tell others what you have learned. Helping us share this information is a very important part of this mission.

Learn how to snorkel or use SCUBA!

The more people we have in the water, the better we will recognize where these fish can be found. Ask your local dive shops and organizations for more information about diving and snorkeling.